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It’s no secret that you lose a great prospect once you sell to them and even if you are great at getting referrals it’s fair to say that a constant source of new customers is vital to the life of any company – no more true than in the direct selling arena such as windows & doors in the UK  – You need to visit

Specialising in resourcing web based customer inquiries EHIL can provide a steady supply of fresh prospect for your product or service – the great thing about the leads is that they get supplied to the clients virtually in real- time, which means vendors can get to the prospective client quickly, giving themselves the best chance of being an excellent position to quote for the work.

If your company is in the home improvement business, then it could be well worth your while to check it out.

Home Improvement Sales Leads

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Conservatory Sales LeadsAfter reviewing this website I think it’s fair to say that it covers the subject of buying sales leads for the home improvement market very well – catering for conservatories, double glazing, & renewable emery such as solar panels.  It is laid out in a way that makes it simple for interested parties to navigate around the website and is very clear about what they offer in terms of services to the trade.

In terms of products, the main emphasis is about providing an bespoke sales leads platform where installers can purchase leads that are supplied on an exclusive basis – this could appeal to many companies in this market as it is a well-known fact that lots of leads are sold multiple times and so dilute the likelihood of a purchaser getting a sale from the lead.

Services Provided

this is covered by a menu of choices such as buying leads, directory listing & guest posts even offers to create a website for potential affiliates – and whilst this may seem an eclectic collection of services, they do tend to work hand in hand, especially the directory listings & guest posts as they could serve to boost a website ranking on the Google Search Engine.

Although there is no listed contact number, you can get in touch via a contact form on the website which seems easy enough to complete and is not too intrusive in terms of the type of information requested.

Terms & Conditions and a privacy policy are easily found and give the site a good level of credibility.

Double Glazing & Conservatory Sales Leads