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When designing a house, a large amount of planning and thought is put into the front door, why is this not the same about the back door? It all depends on the design and layout of your home.

If your main living area is at the back of the house or you have expensive views that are going to waste then you should carefully plan the style and design of your back door. Even if your laundry is at the back of your house then you can still benefit from reading this article. So what is it that makes a good back door?

Firstly, functionality is at the core of a perfect back door. Some people want a back door simply to walk out the clothesline a few times a week to dry clothes. For this person, all they need is a normal sized door that is secure and keeps people from breaking into the house. For someone who likes hosting parties in their back yard then this would not be suitable. Instead a French bi-folding door would be appropriate.

The guests would find it attractive and stylish and because of the double door there would be plenty of room to move around.

Secondly, attractiveness helps to make a good back door. To a certain extent, this also depends on the first point. However, for the person drying their clothes each week, if the door was painted a nice color and there was possibly a section of stained glass, it would brighten up the back of the house whilst still being practical. However if you had a beautiful view from the back of your house that you were not experiencing then you would need to get an attractive door to compliment an attractive view.

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Thirdly, value for money is a valid point. Is it really worth it to get a back door with perfect functionality and perfect attractiveness but having it break in a few weeks? Therefore you need to think carefully about what materials you want the door to be made out of. UPVC would be your best choice because not only is it cheaper than wooden or steel alternatives but it also has a longer life expectancy.

Lastly, the amount of maintenance needed can make or break a door. If you had the most spectacular set of wooden French doors all across the back of your house, would it be worth it if you had to re-oil the wood every few months? This is why I prefer UPVC. While you want to have a good back door to suit your functionality, you also do not want it to take up unnecessary time.

In conclusion, the perfect back door would be a door that suits your functionality, is attractive to look at, is good value and requires no maintenance. For your choice of building materials, look no further than UPVC.

However, do not ignore the need for security to your home- if available, get steel reinforced UPVC where available and use reinforced glass if applicable. – More Here: https://www.french-patiodoors.co.uk/

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