Prices for boilers can be quite high from the big energy companies, which is why it could be good idea to get some local boiler quotes to compare.

There is a lot of sense in going local because you can build a relationship with the installer and really get to know their reputation in the area – which is very important for a big expense like replacing your hot water & central heating.
You are also more likely to be dealing with an experience plumber rather than a salesperson when you deal with a local supplier so you won’t get all the high pressure sales tactics.

How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?  

It will be prudent to get at least 3 or 4 different companies to quote for the work so that you can get a good idea of what work is going to be needed and what the range of costs – it’s also going to be good to see if all those who quote come up with similar solutions and you should also be able to spot the people who know what they are doing.

In summary, check out your local suppliers & trades-persons as they will be able to offer branded appliances and be motivated to price keenly.

Boiler Replacement Quotes

There are many companies in the UK that can supply & fit a new gas boiler but to get some good information you should visit a guide for boiler replacement from

This website covers the different types of boilers that are in the market and offers the opportunity to take a look at the advantages or disadvantages of each – very useful if you are not too sure about what type of boiler to get in the first instance.

Basically you can get smaller “instant hot water” types of products or the more substantial (& complex) system type boiler. It may even be that you don’t know which type you have fitted in your property and all this means very little to you.

As a quick guide, if your water heater is fitted to the wall in the kitchen (maybe inside a cupboard) and you have trouble running a hot bath, shower & using the hot water in the kitchen at the same time, you could have a combi boiler. These are best suited to properties that don’t have high simultaneous demands for hot water.

If you have a big insulated hot water tank in an airing cupboard, then it’s more likely that you have a system boiler – of the 2 types, this would be the costlier to replace.

gas combi boiler

Financial Help For Free Boilers in the UK – You can find out more about how to get a free boiler under the Government ECO Scheme (Energy Companies Obligation).

Families with low incomes or on certain benefits can apply for the money to cover the cost of a new boiler and if you qualify then you don’t have to pay anything to get the new boiler installed and what’s more, the grant is never needed to be repaid – so it’s not a cheap loan or finance package, it’s a genuine grant and actually “free money”

Although there are some quite long winded criteria, there are some automatic qualifications for retirees and those families in what is considered to be “fuel poverty” – as the new boilers on offer are so energy efficient, it also means that families struggling on income will get some welcome relief form utility bills as a new combi boiler can reduce a home heating bill by hundreds of pound per year.

What does a new boiler cost?
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